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Recyclix rocks Basel and reveals future strategy

On November 16th – 17th, Recyclix welcomed hundreds of visitors at the international recycling expo Solids Basel (Schüttgut) in Switzerland and won the prestigious SES award given to the most-attended stand with the best concept. Recyclix also announced that is well on its way to achieving its start-up financial target of 14 million euros - a goal projected to be reached by October 2017. This paves the way for the company’s move from a start-up into a more established and renowned stable financial system that offers a wide range of very profitable and business-favorable options.

Recyclix has done it again, making a huge splash and continuing its streak as one of the biggest, most popular, and most sought-after exhibitors in the international recycling expo circuit. This time Recyclix conquered Solids Basel (Schüttgut) in Switzerland.

Mr. Klaus Heusslein, Recyclix Chief Compliance Officer, said:
“The exhibition turned out to be a huge success, hundreds of our partners have visited us at our stand, our presentation has been the most attended event during the expo and last but not least, the expo management has awarded Recyclix with the "SES award" for our innovative concept! Needless to say, this was not possible without the dedicated support of our members who scheduled their visit from all over the world to see our team at these events.”

As was promised earlier, Recyclix is publishing its Interim Financial Report, which includes important financial data that shares business figures and statistics that make the company so profitable. Please follow the download to review the document.

But the biggest buzz at last week's expo was regarding the announced change of the company’s revenue system.

“Recyclix is on track to achieve its financial start-up target of 14 million euros. By now we are halfway there, so our projections place this goal to be reached by October 2017. We will always be proud and grateful of everything we have achieved through the continuous support and involvement of our multitude of members. It has proven to be the right strategy for our initial business model, and has worked remarkably well. But with this incredible growth comes our responsibility to safeguard the long term sustainability and profitability of the company and to protect the interests of our members at the same time.

This is only possible if financial involvements are at par with the actual production capacities at our existing facilities.”, the management board of the company stated.
To avoid speculation and disinformation, Recyclix provided a brief overview on the planned transition, confirming that the current system will be closed for new registration and new waste packages as soon as it reaches its start-up financial goal of 14 million euros. From the date of the closure, all existing members will still continue to earn and receive payouts with their existing packages for a further period of 10 cycles (roughly another year, by Oct 2018). This guarantees that everyone who is participating in our current concept will be able to see a return of investments with a profit margin.

Mr. Mark Kowal, Recyclix COO, stated:
“After this 10-cycle transition period, we will completely move into a new system. Recyclix will focus completely on our core business, which is waste management. For those who want to continue participating in our system, there will be a possibility to do so through an investment fund based in Malta, which will be backed by bank guarantees to safeguard the principals invested. The launch of this new platform is planned for the beginning of 2017, so our partners will have the choice to participate in both systems (until Oct 2018) or to smoothly move over to the new system.”

The company’s management is very proud that Recyclix is only getting bigger and better. Those continuing their participation in Recyclix’s successful business will be offered to invest into a fund, operated from the island nation of Malta, which is fast becoming the most attractive destination for entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, and international companies due to its well-developed, stable financial system that offers a wide range of very profitable and business-favorable options. The Malta fund is now in the late stages of official finalization and will be open to investors with a minimum of 100,000 euros.

Mr. Klaus Heusslein, Recyclix CCO, also reassured:
“For our existing members who are not able to invest such a high amount of money, the fund will offer a way to participate through external investor-pools. More details on this will follow as soon we have finalized the exact procedures and conditions. However, we point out that we are willing to offer the opportunity to participate in the new concept to everyone, regardless of the amount that they can afford to invest.”
The amount that will be raised from this fund will be earmarked for further Recyclix expansion in other countries, research and development of new revenue streams available in the recycling industry, and continuing on a mission to be a global ambassador for the environment. Full terms and details will be announced at a later date, as soon as the new platform is ready to launch.
Anticipating the possibility of speculations and misconceptions due to this announcement, it is strongly advised not to pay heed to any misinformation that may be spread, instead making sure users get their corporate information on official communication channels. Unofficial information is most likely inaccurate or outright false.
Mr. Dmitry Palladi, Recyclix CEO, said:
“One thing is certain though, with Recyclix you can always breathe easy that every change is only for the better. All future projects will still be under the umbrella of Recyclix as a trademarked brand, and it will still be the same core team of people who will be with you on this new exciting journey. So only good things are in store for us in the next few years and for much longer, as we strive to continue our crusade to protect the environment in this critical period of our planet's history, all the while providing a highly rewarding opportunity for valued partners and fellow eco-warriors.“
Recyclix is excited to see everyone next year, when the upcoming Plastic Recycling Show (Stand D38) in Amsterdam, Netherlands on March 29th – 30th, 2017, Open Days, and platform launches are already in the pipeline.


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