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Will The ADZcoin Project Create Millionaires?

First of all before we try to answer this question, let’s make it clear that ADZcoin has been created in order to help publishers recoup the loss caused by ad blocking software. The ADZcoindesk is full of info on how we will achieve that using our social media platform and the viral social share feature ADZbuzzer which is currently in development.
The fact the ADZcoin project will be solving a real issue along with a viral system that will reach millions of people the moment it launches is what will make ADZcoin go mainstream and the project succeed.
So make sure you have done your research on what the ADZcoin team is doing and you are very well informed before you continue reading!
That being said, let’s dig into the question stated in the title of this post:

“Will ADZcoin Create Millionaires?”

This is a question I’ve been hearing a lot recently, and especially since we announced that we are going to add multiple products to ADZbuzz using our own ADZcoin payment gateway.
Just read the post and see for yourself whether or not this statement makes sense. However, I’m pretty sure there are already many people who know the answer to this question. 🙂


The Million Dollar ADZbuzz Upgrade

ADZbuzz is in the center of the ADZcoin project. The ADZbuzz platform will allow people to share interesting content, socialize, promote and make contacts just like on any other social media platform.

When the ADZbuzzer is ready it will be a place where people can share interesting content created by all of our partner sites based on the user’s interest.
Instead of browsing one site to another, everybody will have all the content related to their interests in one place and will be able to discuss about it with their friends and family.
It will also be a place where members can earn ADZcoins in various ways.However, the main offer which is the ADZbuzz upgrade is the one that will not only help members stack as many ADZ as they can, but also push the value of ADZcoin up consistently over time (more about that later).
The ADZcoin upgrade offer will not only be the easiest way to stack a lot of ADZ without much effort at all, it will also ensure the platform remains spam free by only allowing members who take advantage of this offer post more than 5 times a day on their timeline along with multiple other limit increases.
There will be several packages:
  • $10 – 10 posts a day Get 105% Cashback
  • $20 – 15 posts a day Get 110% Cashback
  • $50 – 20 posts a day Get 115% Cashback
  • $100 – 25 posts a day Get 120% Cashback
  • $500 – 30 posts a day Get 125% Cashback
  • $1000 – 50 posts a day Get 130% Cashback
So if you for instance buy $100 worth of ADZ, you’ll be able to make 25 posts a day on the ADZbuzz platform and you’ll get $120 worth of ADZ back over time.
Any member can buy an unlimited amount of upgrades and accumulate as many ADZ as he can over time!
So along with creating a high quality platform by reducing spam, there is no reason why anybody wouldn’t be able to earn 1000’s of ADZ and create a serious amount of value over time.
And even better, the offer is basically free. 🙂


How will the ADZbuzz Upgrade Offer work exactly?

It’s very simple, here are the 3 steps:
  • The moment a member pays for the upgrade and the payment is confirmed, he’ll receive 100% of the ADZ he sent back in his account.
  • Daily profits will be added to the member’s account and accumulate over time based on the ADZbuzz project’s revenue from other products. (as you’ll learn below)
  • Once the total cashback amount is reached, the ADZ will be available to withdraw to the member’s wallet.
As you can see this is a 100% risk-free offer since the amount paid will be instantly refunded to the member and the amount of ADZ will gradually increase day by day until the cashback amount is reached.


Where Do The Profits Come From?

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