Samstag, 11. Juni 2016

20 Million ADZcoin Giveaway

We are entering the final phase of the ADZbuzz beta period, and this means we are already opening up our project and concept to the world.
During this final phase we’re not only looking to partner with up to a million web publishers but we’re also reward people for helping us achieve this goal.
That’s why we are going to launch an amazing opportunity for everybody to stack as many ADZcoins as they can during the final phase of pre-launch.
In this post I’ll show you exactly what you can do in order to earn ADZcoins and how it will help our project succeed!
Please note that this is an initial list of ways to earn ADZcoins and we will be adding more earning opportunities in the near-future in order to give away all 20 million ADZ.
Here’s an overview on how you can earn and how to collect your ADZ:


5 Million ADZ: Non-English Partner Site Referral Earnings

In order to reach 1 million partners on the ADZbuzz homepage we’re giving an incentive for everybody to invite as many sites as they can to become an ADZbuzz partner!
This is an offer geared towards non-English speaking bloggers, because ADZbuzz will be promoted worldwide soon and we want EVERBODY on  board!
Here’s an overview:
  • 40 ADZ per active partner referral
  • Only for non-English language partners!
  • Only becomes active when referral gets added to ADZbuzz homepage and signed up to ADZbuzz through your referral link
  • Limited to 125K Partner referrals
So in essence, you are able to earn 40 ADZ and get a lifelong ADZbuzz referral by offering
  • A permanent link on the ADZbuzz homepage
  • A permanent link in ADZbuzz partner database
  • 10K free ad credits!
What’s the best method to promote the offer to earn tons of ADZ?

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