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EGOPAY SCAM! DO NOT BUY EGOPAY USD! - Egopay ist Scam! Kaufe keine Egopay USD!

Bitte unbedingt die Warnung und Info von David News lesen!!

Hello Money Maker!
With this article I want to warn you that EGO Pay like a payment processor is finished its existence and have ripped off countless people. Already for several days in no currency exchanger you will be able to exchange EGO Pay dollars. Few days ago also I made exchange request but till today my payment is pending and it is clear that EGO Pay have stopped operation completely.

Of course like payment processor it works as it used to work previously and it is possible to send and receive payments, but it is not possible to exchange your EGO Pay funds what makes EGO Pay useless. Also several Forex and HYIP websites have stopped accepting EGO Pay like payment method and it is clear that EGO Pay have ripped of all the users of EGO Pay. Sad thing is that in our industry this is not the first time when some closure like this happens.
Victory of Payeer?
Perfect Money for a long time is market leader after Liberty Reserve demise but when something falls something new comes to replace the place. This new processor clearly is Payeer what during two years has got very popular.

Perfect Money

When EGO Pay is out of the game than its place will claim Payeer. Actually in the last months I noticed that investors does not use EGO Pay almost anymore but Payeer was getting more and more popular. It was just a first sign that EGO Pay may crash someday but no one expected that it could happen this fast. I’m sure closure of EGO Pay is widely celebrated in office of Payeer (despite the fact that EGO Pay have blocked funds for them).
Payeer clearly have huge potential for the future and even I do not think that Payeer will become bigger than Perfect Money, but I like that countless payments methods are united in Payeer and you can exchange your dollars of Payeer to many other payment options (not just e-currencies) within seconds.
In the end I want to say that closure of EGO Pay will not do big harm for industry (maybe just will affect some old projects). EGO Pay was unpopular just because it had high transaction fees and I was not able to understand why does anyone would want to use such unattractive payment processor where in the end investor lost just because of fees. Today EGO Pay is history and for now I can recommend to use either Perfect Money (verified account because of low fees) or Payeer what I mentioned earlier.
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  1. Nun scheint Egopay ganz vom Netz verschwunden zu sein. Seit 6 Tagen erscheint beim Versuch die Seite aufzurufen:

    egopay.com -

    Connection failed
    Error code 20

    The proxy failed to connect to the web server, due to TCP connection timeout."

    Dazu gibt es hier auch noch einen aktuellen Bericht -> http://patrickpretty.com/2015/03/14/egopay-site-inaccessible/