Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

2FX Ltd GONE - Scam

2FX Ltd ist leider Geschichte, ich zitiere den Artikel von David News:

Hello everyone,

Today is the day when project called 2FX Ltd stopped paying and I'm not shy to say that this project was great because it was online 77 days and from them more than one month 2FX Ltd project was monitored by what allowed countless regular readers to make good profit with them.

At first 2FX Ltd offered investment plans where you were able to double your capital within 25 days, project paid 8% daily for 25 days (200% return). If you invested $500 you received $1000 and in the end from that $500 was your profit. Personally at least for me it seemed very attractive investment plan and indeed it was liked by countless investors as well.

Project was popular also back than, but when on 22nd of September administration announced that 2FX Ltd is changing investment plan to 4% daily for unlimited term, I thought that the end has arrived and project will not be able to cope with this change like many other projects in the past. Unlike other projects with unprofessional administrators this change was very favored by investors and 2FX Ltd project received big boost from investors and project was able to operate for straight one month more.

Few days before 2FX Ltd collapse (on 17th of October) administration sent out e-mail that they are introducing new "security rules" where basically for three days you can't withdraw your initial deposit (for new deposits) unless you are willing to pay 15% fee. Many people started to complain that the end is here and clearly few days later on 21st of October started to pop up messages that project is pending withdrawals longer than usual. Of course for those who shouted about pending withdrawals on chatbox administrator paid and for some time audience calmed down, but not for long. Later in evening it become clear that project is paying only either monitors or just small payments to investors. Panic in forums was already starting and when panic starts there is nothing much left, usually panic escalates like snowball from mountain and in the morning of 22nd of October this snowball reached the bottom of the mountain and just exploded, at that moment it was the end of 2FX Ltd because even the most professional administrator wouldn't be able to do anything with such chaos.

If you are interested than you can "follow the money" in their Bitcoin account, you can check it over here, at the morning of 22st of October there was 63 BTC, what was equivalent to more than $20000. 

If we talk about professionalism of 2FX Ltd administrator than I can say that administrator was clearly real professional because keeping online project what pays quite a big interest rate is not that easy, especially when we see these quick scams around, so making more than 70 days is huge achievement. Only sad thing about 2FX Ltd project is that administrator did not arrived to HYIP monitor earlier because he would be able to achieve even more outstanding results, but I'm sure he will know it next time when he will launch some other project what maybe will be even way better than 2FX Ltd was.

Of course there was not only winners in 2FX Ltd, also some people lost money, but as you see 2FX Ltd was online 77 days and it was enough to at least double your investment money if you would have invested starting from the first day and you can find other similar HYIPs in HYIP monitor over here, but if you are interested how to make at least 30% monthly from HYIPs than I would suggest to read article over here. Also for investment tips check this section. Anyway, remember that HYIPs are risky and always invest less than you can afford to lose.

In the end I want to add that you are welcome to share your story about 2FX Ltd in comment section - if you made profit and how much or on the other hand maybe you joined too late? Let others know about your experience of 2FX Ltd even how good or bad it would be.

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