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Leancy ( SCAM

Hello everyone,
The biggest HYIP program in 2014 is gone. Program came back after successful sever migration, but as I said before - it will not be the same program as it used to be before. Usually I do not write long articles about HYIP scams, but this one is different and I think that Leancy deserves some better article then others.

Program was truly good, admin from 1nstant and Gesmie did well and were able to keep this short/middle term program online for more then two months. Sadly this is also the biggest scam so far in 2014. I know that many people made good profit, but many lost and I hope that we will see some other similar scale projects in near future in our industry.

What I liked about this program?
I liked that Leancy was able to become the biggest program in 2014 without any advertising, program bought just one monitor, all others invested their own money. This program just showed all the other admins that it is not necessary to buy all the monitors and all the ads everywhere to get popular. This was true example that HYIP industry is changing, old methods with copy & paste programs with GoldCoders script does not work out and if admin invest time in something this unique you get result where both admin and investors can earn. I liked that even they were down for some time admin still brought site back and investors were able to withdraw.

What I disliked?
I disliked that it was short term program what will show wrong example to many admins that short term programs like this can run well, why it were able to run this long read in next paragraph. No other dislikes for this program.

Is admin rich with those 5 million dollars what we see in statistics?
I do not think so. Surely he took away more then average Joe HYIP admin, but this big amount was just on paper. I will talk theoretically here, but lucky for investors, sadly for admin investment plans like this brought less then expected to him, why? Because program started in time when investment activity were low and Leancy grow almost perfectly exponentially, so admin needed all the time to cover payouts for previous investors. If admin will run some other program after this he will make some way different investment plans. Also, if someone is interested to investigate, then Bitcoin accounts for Leancy you can find here and here.

What will happen now?
People for some time will start to fear to invest and many programs will feel decrease in investment flow. This will lead to some smaller of bigger scam wave, how big or on the other hand small will show next few weeks. After that market will start to run normally again, programs what will be able to survive this "short crisis" will run normally.

Who lost the most?
The most affected part of Leancy investors were players from Russia and Russian speaking countries, because they were marketed the most. Countless internet promoters tried to bring investors in Leancy and Russians were those ones who invested the most. If you checked investment forums when Leancy was offline because of server migration you saw chaos in Russian speaking forum, but in English speaking forums there were almost no complaints about that. Second big part who lost were those people who thought that after server migration situation will come back as it used to be before. As I expected situation will not be the same and it wasn't. 
In the end I want to say that most likely admin thought that "sky is the limit" for Leancy, but he is not educated in basic human psychology that people are scared to deposit and it would take at least few weeks to recover trust to any program back. Most likely Leancy experienced huge money outflow, low inflow and admin decided to close down this party. Yes, some hardcore HYIP enthusiasts and several newbies deposited money also after server migration, but as I wrote in my previous article about Leancy - do not place deposit, just withdraw, because program will not be the same, if you are interested you can find article here. I hope that Leancy showed well to other admins that HYIP industry is still really active and everyone can earn, but first you must allow investors to earn and then success will come. Leancy is gone and no more investments in Leancy recommended.

I want to add comment to this article for new people over here. I know that Leancy attracted lot of people who are new to HYIP industry. Read here how you can earn at least 30% per month, but please read articles also in this section. Remember that you can't earn without knowledge and just luck is not enough to earn.

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